I Want to Create


When I originally began this blog, I wanted to write about my passion, religion and politics. I started by trying to have the discipline of writing something, anything every night after work. Sadly, I started to slip right away. It was often too much of a hassle, and I got my communication fix mainly through Twitter and Facebook, where I could comment on quick news stories, begin conversations about topics I was passionate about, and micro-blog about whatever I wanted.

Now, however, I look at this blog and can’t help but notice that except for a small Crossfit related burst of writing that “sporadic” would be a massive upgrade from the amount that I am posting.

Part of it is because of the depression and burn-out that came with a long academic career and a journey towards the Pastoral Ministry that came to a sudden and disastrous end, for sure. But I want to do something now.

I want to create.

I don’t really know how I am going to do it, or what I am going to do, but I have to make something.

And I guess I want readers. I want feedback. I don’t know why, but I do.

I miss preaching in front of a congregation, and getting to create something that I thought was serviceable, possibly beautiful, and proclaim it. Homilies are, in the end, performance pieces. I did a tonne of work and then performed it, and in that moment of time I knew as I looked at faces what was happening.

This won’t be the same, writing sermons is such a unique craft and experience that I won’t get that particular feeling again, especially since a lot of it was carried by the weight of the importance of the task, the proclamation of the Gospel.

Well, back to watching an old movie that I love. See you again soon.

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