A Crossfit Fan Club

Teresa Back SquatI want to tell you about a little bit of my inspiration.

You see, I have a Crossfit family. In it are men and women from all walks of life. We have firefighters, police officers, members of our armed forces, accountants, an optometrist, stay-at-home moms, social workers, and multiple oilfield workers. It is a glorious diversity that produces some of the coolest conversations and scenes I have ever witnessed. I have seen the quintessential “soccer mom” cheer on a truck driver through the last bit of a WOD that he was struggling through and I have seen a grandmother cheering a student through a new deadlift PR. It is a pretty awesome environment and I watch positivity and lives changed every day.

But even in this place where the amazing happens as a matter of normality, there are some who stand out. One is this amazing woman named Teresa.

Now, you can check here for her story in her own words, but this post is a little bit about what she means to me and to the people I talk to at the Machine Shop.

You see, recently, she had a celebration (BYOB, Paleo Potluck) for an amazing achievement. She had lost one hundred pounds. I know the struggles and the tribulations and life changes that one must go through in order to fundamentally change one’s life and body in drastic ways. But I can’t wrap my mind around 100 pounds.

But you need to understand more. You see, she throws the eff down. She goes into class and takes a look at the board, rolls her eyes at me while I whine about how hard it is going to be and then crushes it. She pushes herself hard, and she inspires everyone around her to push themselves hard because of it. Did I mention she rocked the Open? Oh hell yes she did!

She effing smiled at me after she did 14.5, like a mothereffing superhero!

Listen, those of you who know her know what I am telling you is true. Every time she rolls into class with her focus, determination, positive attitude, and smile, she makes you feel like it is OK to be there. She makes you feel with her laugh (even at my corny jokes) that “Yeah, we all know that is heavy and for a lot more reps than we think we are capable of, but Teresa is positive and going to throw down hard on this one, so I can too.”

Teresa, I missed your gathering. I’m really sorry and please understand that I had a good reason, I hope it was everything you wanted it to be. So I wrote this so that you knew that I was thinking of you. I also wrote this to give voice to a whole hell of a lot of machines that didn’t know how to say it.

Next time you walk into class I need you to know that you aren’t just surrounded by machines, you are not just surrounded by your Crossfit family, you are not even just surrounded by friends…..you are surrounded by fans.

And I’m a huge one.

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