My Fitness Journey – So Effing Motivated!

That is my baby girl extending out to Thrusters at the cabin with a little log I found her this summer. We worked out together almost every day. It was awesome.

That is my baby girl extending out to Thrusters at the cabin with a little log I found her this summer. We worked out together almost every day. It was awesome.

So I have been documenting my Fitness Journey here on my blog. To get everyone up to speed, you can go back to the beginning and start reading from there to get a better understanding of what is going on, but basically, I was a skinny kid that turned into a fat adult, started doing Boot Camps with gorgeous, amazing and talented wife, kept going when all my life I had quit much sooner, and finally tried out Crossfit at the Machine Shop. Then I started going to Crossfit regularly. Then I went through the trial and travails of trying to figure out this Crossfit thing.

So where am I now in regards to this fitness journey thing?

I have an incredibly supportive family at the Machine Shop. They support me online, in private message, and in person. They offer rides when I need to be heading to an Open workout, they hit me up with tips when they see a deficiency in my movements, and most importantly they keep things light during class so that I can stay out of my head.

Coach Angie has told me more than once that “You think too effing much!” and I think it is my major weakness. In my life I spend all of my time obsessively analyzing everything. I was blessed with some intellectual capacity and it is both kind of awesome and kind of a curse. Basically, anytime I become interested in a complex system of any type, I tend to focus on it and read/watch/listen to everything that I can until I feel like I understand it.

My interests focus in the historical/political and religious/theological realm with pop/geek/nerd culture and macro-economics as hobbies. See? Only a really compulsive guy could possibly spend thousands of man hours learning about these topics.

So you are rightly asking yourself what the hell this has to do with fitness? Well, it characterises my approach. I listen to Crossfit podcasts, read Crossfit articles and blogs and books, and watching every video there is to watch about Crossfit. I may bring it up in conversation and in social media, like, occasionally as well.

This doesn’t mean that I became awesome at Crossfit, as much as I have become a student of the sport. It is a thing of beauty, it really is. An actual scientific definition of fitness, and a training methodology designed to most efficiently achieve that definition. Functionality and performance twinned and constant variance the rule. It is truly amazing.

My journey through Crossfit has been one of fits and starts and periods of great strides and moments of everything “clicking” and periods of inconsistency and plateaus. It has been amazing and it has become a huge part of my life.

I walk around with whip marks from practicing double-unders, blood blisters on my forearms and my shoulders from Atlas stones, calluses and blisters on my hands from pull-ups, torn thumbs from hook-grip, and a general awful soreness a lot of the time. And I can’t stop. I miss it when I don’t go and am constantly thinking about it.

But that’s not the motivation. You see, the motivation doesn’t come internally, or from how awesome Crossfit is, or even how amazing the Machine Shop family is. It isn’t because of how much growth I’ve had or even how my quality of life has improved. Basically, it is about my family.

You really can do this shit everywhere.

You really can do this shit everywhere.

Because of Crossfit, I don’t have chronic pain and am a better husband. I was so wracked in pain and self-loathing that I was nowhere near the man I should have been for my wife. And since she is the most amazing woman in the entire universe, she doesn’t deserve that. She deserves more than my best, but at the very least she should get me at my best. Further, I was on a rock solid trajectory of a lifetime of miserable pain and ill health that would lead to multiple surgeries and likely an early tobacco and shitty diet induced early death, which would have seen likely years of languishing on and depending on her for care. I feel like it is my responsibility to do what little I can to ensure that that either doesn’t occur or at least is much lessened. And frankly, I want to be deadlifting and squatting well into my retirement.

And then there is my little girl.

I mean, having kids changes everything, right? It is cliché, but it is so because it is true. When she started walking around, I was so out of shape and in such pain that I couldn’t really play with her that much, or at least didn’t really want to. But seriously, I want to. I want to be able to carry her while sleeping to bed upstairs every single time she needs me to. But maybe more than that, I want her to have a better relationship with food and fitness than I have had. I don’t want her to have to struggle with this her whole life like I have. She loves Crossfit, hangs at the box and chats up the owner all of the time. She is in Crossfit Kids (sadly, at another box) and is engaged in a fitness journey of her own. She has already told me that she is going to win the Crossfit Games.

Now I am just going to make sure that I model a lifestyle that values such things.

That’s it that’s all everyone, thanks for those of you who have followed this blog series, my first about Crossfit. And watch for me during the 2014 Crossfit Games Open.

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