My Fitness Journey – Something New

Push upsSo I had lost a bunch of weight, and now my Boot Camp trainer had gone and quit.

So what do we do now?

There was now a crew of about four or five of us that became pretty good buddies through Boot Camp. I decided that we should try and keep our little group together. So, I called a meeting over beer and wings, which is how all good life decisions should be made. The most important thing to come from that meeting was that I discovered buttered chicken wings. Amazing.

Also, we decided that we were going to try and work out together while looking around at some other options.

We started meeting a few times a week at a city-run rec centre and using their weight room and indoor track as we started to try and do our own programming. It was OK, but we really didn’t do anything that we really didn’t like or challenged us (so, no burpees, like ever!), didn’t know what we were doing, and some of the commitment started to slip.

So, we started losing ground.

Little by little.

I felt that I had made a pretty major life change in that we were seeking something to keep going, but we were still all so new and young we quickly realised that doing it on our own would simply not last. So, we decided to go online and find Groupon coupons for other Boot Camps and go and try them out as a group until we found one we liked.

I found one in suburb of the city we were living in, for fairly cheap, and twice a week, so I picked it up. I convinced the others (so I thought) to do it, and we made plans to meet up and join this new one. I also signed up for three months at this Boot Camp, and noticed that with this there was an offer for one free class of Crossfit at a place called Crossfit Machine Shop.

Frankly, I didn’t know what Crossfit was, had never heard of it, and wasn’t that interested.

So, I started working out in the Boot Camps over the summer. Sadly, only one other person survived the transition from my old Boot Camp (I still miss those guys) but away we went. And of course, we started to meet people and make friends, it was nice.

Our trainer was different though….

She was super nice and super knowledgeable – like our previous one – but she had some muscle on her frame. Just standing still you could tell that she was strong and very confident in that strength. You could also tell that she was also a little bit of a nonconformist.  There was some unconventional hair colours, some tattoos, piercings, rock and roll t-shirts, and the occasional f-bomb dropped. That, and you would catch her rolling her eyes (when she thought we weren’t looking) whenever someone (me included) gave her some bullshit story about why they really couldn’t work that hard that day…

Then we had a Boot Camp at the gym, which I found out wasn’t a gym, it was a box. And it was called the Machine Shop. But there weren’t any machines in there. They had barbells and dumbbells and racks galore, but no machines. On that day we used sledgehammers, flipped tractor tires, pulled weights on ropes, lifted weights, and ran on concrete. All in this industrial park area of town. And the facility wasn’t much to look at, it was a truck bay with a little office over-top of it. We cracked open the truck bay doors and went to town. There was spray paint on the walls, buckets of chalk, and our trainer’s business/life partner was this muscled up looking guy in a toque that leaned against the wall and made really inappropriate jokes throughout the whole thing.

I loved it and them – immediately.

I have to say, both the trainers had muscle and were clearly fit, but they didn’t look like the people on the bodybuilder magazines. Were they smaller? Yes. Way smaller. But their bodies looked like they were ready for anything, not just for show. They looked like they were warriors, ready to take on life no matter what it threw at them. They just looked strong and capable.

But pretty soon the summer was coming to an end and I had to find the next thing. So, I talked to my trainer and asked if I could try “that Crossfit thing.”

She scheduled a time, on a  Wednesday soon.

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